Member Information

This page includes information about your benefits as a member of the Rangers of Ithilien kinship for Lord of the Rings Online. Provided here are policies for conduct and procedures for gaining benefits awarded to members. Members are expected to understand and comply with the policies below. If you don't understand something, please feel free to ask any of the officers, who will be happy to explain it to you.


Member Benefits and Events

As a full member of the Rangers of Ithilien, you have access to a number of benefits and events designed to make your play time with us more pleasurable. Below is a list of the benefits and events you may participate in as a Ranger of Ithilien:

  • Fellowship Nights: Fellowship nights are of two varieties: Team Tuesdays and Fellowship Fridays. These evenings are reserved so kin members can gather to make fellowships and achieve tasks to help fellow rangers along. We can do books, help with quests, do skirmishes, or even make music together. This is an opportunity for Rangers to help each other develop their characters along the storyline of the game or to become more adept at aspects of the game. Once a month, fellowship nights will be open to recruits or potential recruits. Otherwise, these events are reserved for full members. You can sign up to participate in these through the website calendar.

  • Lotteries: Only full members may participate in Lotteries. Two kinds of lotteries are held by the Rangers of Ithilien. Monthly lotteries award a prize of 1 gold for completing activities on the kinship website. For each activity completed (there are usually several opportunities), kin members will be assigned a lucky number. At the end of the month, a die is rolled in the kin house and the member assigned the number rolled wins the gold.

    The second kind of lottery is the Festival Lottery. When the Festival Lottery is going, the monthly lottery is postponed for the month. It is important that only one lottery run per month. For the Festival lottery, members' characters may purchase lottery tickets for a chance to roll for the prize. Lottery tickets are 100 silver a piece. Half of the proceeds go to the kinship for house maintenance and other funds, while the other half is divided among the three top rollers of the day. Each character may buy up to 3 tickets for the lottery.

    Lotteria Goldworthy is our kinship Lottery Marshal and conducts these events. Watch for mail from her announcing timing for the lotteries.

  •  Horse Fund: The kinship maintains a fund to help all full members' characters purchase their first horse. You may request 250 silver for this from our Kinship Treasurer, Chaching. There is a forum thread for this request. Make sure to post to it to get your silver. 

  • House Fund: The kinship maintains a fund to help all full members purchase their first house. You may request 500 silver for this from our Kinship Treasurer, Chaching. There is a forum thread for this request. Make sure to post to it to get your silver. 

  • Crafting Bank: The kinship chests contain items for use in making your crafting levels. Materials in the kinship chests are free for members to take. If there is already a stack in a chest, you may replenish it to its maximum, but do not place anything new into the chests as Chaching needs to keep them organized. There are overflow items as well being held by officers. If you want to make a donation, just send them to Chaching. Keep your donations to stacks of at least 20 per item. 

  • Kinship Books and RP Events: As a roleplaying kinship, our kin offers roleplaying events and kinship books for member enjoyment. Recruits may participate in these events. These are created for the members by the officers of the kin and are announced both in game and on the forums on this website. You can sign up for these events on the website calendar. Kinship books are all connected in plot. You can read about what has happened so far in the website forums.

  • Celebrations: Occasionally, the kin holds parties and parades throughout Middle Earth. Recruits and full members are welcome at these events. We will usually celebrate our anniversary on or around July 15th as a kinship with some event, but there are often other events as well. Consult the calendar and forums for these celebrations. You will also receive notice via in game mail for these important events.

Conduct of Members

Rangers of Ithilien are expected to join the website and check it on a regular basis for Kinship information.

You are expected to act in a positive manner with other players and to ensure that all actions reflect positively on the overall Kinship image and on all fellow members.

Behavior is very important to Rangers of Ithilien. Racial, Religious, and Sexual orientation slurs will not be tolerated, and are grounds for removal from the Kinship. If you do not have the ability to play nice with others you will be removed from the Kinship, no questions asked. Have respect for everyone.  The Rangers of Ithilien is not here to have a "I'm better then you" attitude so please do not bring any unwanted attention to the Kinship. Team work is the key.

Rangers of Ithilien must keep Kinship  chat, and voice channels free of profanity. Many of us have families who are sometimes in the same room or playing the game with us. Be respectful of that. Racism, sexism, overtly sexual commentary are also strictly prohibited. Act like you're a mature adult. If you can't handle this, there are plenty of other Kinships.

General Policies

Rangers of Ithilien (recruits, members or officers) must login active characters once every 90 or they will be removed from Roster.  Any character removed in this fashion will always be welcomed back at their original rank.

Rangers of Ithilien are asked to take part in as many Kinship Events as possible. Rangers of Ithilien are expected to be logged on 15 minutes before a Kinship Event (Quest/Raid/Skirmish) starts with your character sitting outside the instance.  Do not talk over the raid leader, if you have questions or comments use raid chat channel.

Rangers of Ithilien (New recruit through officer)  are expected to sign up on the calendar, for scheduled Kinship Events (Quest/Raid/Skirmish).  If you can not show up for a Kinship Event (Quest/Raid/Skirmish) that you have signed up for, please cancel your sign up, post on our forums, or notify an officer at least 24 hours before hand whenever possible.

Because the Rangers of Ithilien is a Role Playing kinship, Rangers are expected to role play whenever possible in kinchat and in the world at large. If a Ranger needs to say something out of character, he/she can start the conversation with the abbreviation ooc and a colon (OOC: It's snowing here!) or can enclose the conversation in parentheses ( ) or brackets [ ].

Full Rangers who wish to role play an alt through the mentoring process may create an RP recruit. These recruits will not be required to follow recruit procedures except in as much as these are part of the role playing designed by the members involved. To keep these RP recruits separated from regular recruits, the member is asked to include in the RP recruit's note who the main full member character is. Members who engage in roleplaying with an alt in this manner should consider the other rangers in the kin who serve as an audience to the roleplaying. Posting the story in a thread on the website's forum is highly encouraged. That way, other rangers can follow the story or pick it up if real life causes the roleplaying to take a hiatus.

Since the Rangers of Ithilien is a Role Playing kinship all "Main"  (recruits, members or officers)  characters should have a Character Biography of some kind, at least a few sentences.  All Officer Main Character's are required to have a biography for that character.

So that the kin officers and your fellow players know with whom they are playing, all Rangers must indicate in their player notes the name of their main character or main if that is their main character. We encourage creativity in these notes. Feel free to say something like "Niece of Gaiagil" or "Long Lost Friend of Trekko."

Rangers of Ithilien who have Items of no use or value to themselves can place them in the Auction House for Kinship Only at cost/value of item to benefit other members.  If a member posts an item to a kinship auction, he/she should post to the forums to let members know that an item is there for purchase. Members may also post to the website forums if they need something. That way, another ranger can step up and help.

You can be assured that the kinship's leaders are working hard to make the game more fun. While the reason behind every decision may not always be apparent at the moment an order is issued, all orders from officers need to be followed immediately. If you are concerned about an Officer's conduct, please let the Kin leadership know.

Rangers of Ithilien who cannot follow these Policies, will be removed from the Kinship.