Recruit Information



To All New Recruits:

As a kin member, you are expected to contribute to the role playing aspect of the kin. There are a number of ways you can do this:
Please turn on the Role Play setting for your characters in game by typing "/ RP on." Please greet your kin mates when you log in. We have noted that there's a time lag between the time that you are officially logged on and when you actually can see Middle Earth and the kinchat box. So, if you greet us, we will know you have arrived and can greet you back. You should also say good bye when you log out, so that we can all bid you farewell. You should interact on kinchat in character. If you have a question Out-Of-Character, feel free to start your message with "OOC" so we know that.  Always greet kin members when you see them around the world. As a kin member, their names should appear in blue, making them easier to spot. Captain's heralds are also often blue... you can ignore them unless the Captain is also a Ranger!  Make sure to help when you can if a Ranger requests help. 

Recruit Policies:

You must become a member within 90 days of joining the kinship. Until you have attained Member Status some Kinship support will be unavailable (For example: access to Kin Chests, access to Kin Auctions and Lottery Prizes). Current members are under no obligation to assist Recruits to "Power Level" nor are they required to assist Recruits in any fashion. When you join the rangers, an officer will be assigned as your mentor. This person will answer your questions about the kin and will help you to sign on to this website during your first two weeks in the kinship.

Rules for Recruits:

Recruits are expected to participate in the kin in productive ways. It is your trial period, a time for when we get to know you and you get to know us. Full Rangers have responsibilities and privileges that are not accorded to recruits. Recruits must keep that in mind while participating in the kinship. There are a few basic rules recruits should follow:

  1. Recruits MUST join website within the first two weeks of joining the kinship. Your username should be the name of your Game Character. Changes can be made in 'User Profile' under Edit Your Profile Info)
  2. Recruits are only allowed one Character in the Kinship (Main Toon)
  3. Recruits should not ask Rangers for money to help pay for things.
  4. Recruits should not ask Rangers for help questing in areas that are three or more levels above their character level. This rule may not apply to book quests. If a book quest is in the appropriate area for a character's level, recruits may participate in book night or ask for assistance.
  5. Recruits should not expect Rangers to assist them for extended periods of time. Usually an hour is fine. If it will be longer, be sure to inform the Ranger in advance of embarking on the mission. If a quest will take too long Rangers have the right to refuse to participate.
  6. Recruits should not make repeated or annoying requests for assistance in kinchat or in tells. If a Ranger declines to assist, recruits need to respect that.
  7. Recruits should keep any crafting requests to necessities only. If a recruit desires help with crafting, they must provide materials and recipes. Rangers may refuse to help with a crafting request if they do not have time to fulfill the request, or if the Recruit has not equipped items crafted in the past.
  8. An officer will provide mentorship when you first join the kinship. That person will answer your questions, help you log into this website, and direct you to pages like this one for information about what is expected of you. Recruits are responsible for initiating the Ranger Quest. It is only through this quest that a recruit can be promoted to full Ranger. The Ranger Quest will be designed by an officer in the kinship who will invite others to participate. It will only be embarked upon if the kinship's officers deem the recruit ready for the quest.
  9. Recruits must be promoted to full Ranger within 90 days of joining the kinship. If a recruit does not become a member in that time, he or she will be removed from the roster.

What is the Ranger Quest?
Your first mentor will help you find information on this website about rules, expectations, and the Way of the Ranger. You are responsible for reading and understanding this information. If you have questions, ask your mentor or any other officer for advice. When you are ready for a promotion to full member, you need to post a request on the Ranger Quest Request Forum. You should be in the kinship for a minimum of two weeks before making this request, and your request must be approved by Alganon or Gaiagil. An officer in the kinship will volunteer to design a Ranger quest to test what you have learned. The quest will be tailored to your background story, level, race and class. You don't need to be any certain level to complete the quest. Upon successful completion of the Ranger quest you will be officially promoted to Ranger (member). The Ranger quest is designed to be fun and special for you. and will include other rangers as well. Think of it as a rite of passage and earning your place among the Rangers.

Preparing Yourself for the Quest--Some Advice

 Here are some suggestions for getting ready for the quest.

  1. Read the information on the website. The Member Information, Recruit Information, and the Way of the Ranger.
  2. Talk to your kinmates. Get to know them. Ask questions.
  3. Fellow with your kinmates to see how they play.
  4. Join in on Kinship Events.