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re: Ballad and Story as told By Sonato Balladin

As I went through the Shire one morn, my Da asked me to follow.
"Me son my life is a bore and our home has become a hollow.
A trip would do, me thinks, to cast off and drown my sorrow
How about we leave post hastily perhaps on the morrow."

I replied, as only I could, " I will go with an eager willing heart.
Tis but this Shire so wild and green is oh so difficult to part.
Where would we be a going and to what path shall we heed?
Will the road tell us when we have accomplished the deed?"

Nary a word was said, nary a whisper was passed just a brief nod.
Simply through the Shire to home would we swiftly and directly plod.
Bags were needed, much to be packed, and food not forgot.
A map to be procured perhaps a weapon or two to be bought.

True to word and plan we left early on next cool windy morning.
Headed to the sea we went against all fellow hobbit's warning.
Twas that place me Ma had went twas there her life was spent.
I knew to what end me Da's heart was so stubbornly bent.

We would travel down the brigands cold and lonely road
Follow that dismal and dreary story unraveling its sad code.
Would stop at its inevitable end and place there some flowers.
A time to meditate and let tears fall amidst memories showers.

A pony I was leading and on its back all that we were bringing
For myself twas a pleasant journey and in my heart I was singing.
I loved me Ma and held her dear yet it has been many a year.
She was a happy hobbit and would not want me shedding a tear.

She had left seeking help for her wee little sick and helpless lad.
For Da had gone with the bounders to drive off a boar gone mad.
She took the road that lead to the sea for elves she hoped to find.
The elves were old and wise and she knew them to be sweet and kind.

My heart swelled with pride and courage for what she had done
My eyes sparkled with teary dew my head was warmed by sun.
This journey I would take with me Da grateful to not carry his guilt
I the son of a Balladin and a minstrel upon their song I was built.

I leave off this tale for it is long
another day will finish my song.
You shall hear the tale
In this I will not fail
Remember and be strong.

Sonato Balladin

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