The Rangers of Ithilien

The Rangers of Ithilien Kinship is based upon a group of Rangers that was led by Faramir, son of Denethor during the War of the Ring. We strive to follow such traits as courage, resourcefulness and wisdom. In our story Faramir has selected a number of Rangers to move northward to the lands of Eriador and help in the fight against the Shadow emerging from Angmar. However, you will not see us on the front lines or battlefields. We help those in need and offer protection on the roads and borders, we harry the enemy at every turn, and we do this so that those who are on the front lines and the battlefields have a chance for victory. Do not be surprised if when you are in dire need, a Ranger of Ithilien appears at your side to aid you, then disappears into the wild without a word.

The Rangers of Ithilien is a family-oriented Kinship that strives to maintain an air of cooperation and fellowship. Our recruiting is done on a person-by-person basis. We seek out like-minded individuals to join us as we explore and adventure in J.R.R. Tolkien's wonderful world of Middle Earth. We strive to recruit mature people who are respectful, have a good sense of humor, are willing to help others and receive help graciously.